Knowing When To Hire An Electrical Contractor


Electricity is fascinating. Have you ever wondered how it is possible that when you press a single switch you are actually lighting up a bulb that will bring light to your room? Or how come that when you set the microwave oven timer and turn it on, it will heat up your food and when you turn your laundry machine on, your clothes will get washed? This invisible energy powers our life in a way that we might not need to see it benefit from it. But just as much as it is a blessing, electricity comes with a fair share of dangers. Here are some of the signs that you are in need of an electrician.

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Sparks Are Not A Good Thing
If you see sparks or arcs when you plug any device on, this is a strong indicator that you need to hire an electrical contractor. Due to overuse, switches and plugs may become loose. This might put in danger a room, a house or even the whole building! Call an electrical contractor as soon as possible and forestall any major problems these may cause if they go unattended.

outlet sparks


Lights Should Be Stable All The Time
When some lights seem dimmer than others, or when some of the lights are flickering, it is another indicator of an abnormal electrical behavior. The point here is that the electrical energy should be balanced throughout the whole facility. You should ask your neighbors if they are also experiencing any situation similar to yours (dim or flickering) to see if the problem is around the neighborhood or only affects your facility. One important piece of advice is to write down what time these events occur and hand the information to the electrician as it may come in handy in enabling them to know where the problem comes from.

Exposed Wires
Have you ever been to a place where there are many wires exposed, passing on the floor or even hanging from the ceiling? Unsightly, isn’t it? Well, it is not only that, but it is also scary and a strong indicator this facility needs an electrician urgently. The sparks only need a mere trigger such as a leaking gas cylinder and your hose becomes history.

exposed wires

Breaker Trips Easily
No, it is not common for a breaker to trip. If it is happening too frequently, it might be due to a variation on the electrical energy distribution. In this case, do not keep resetting the breaker. Instead, call a professional. He will measure the tension and current distribution in your facility and then adapt the right remedy for this.

Moving Or Renovating Your House
Though this might sound obvious, you should not wire or renovate your house’s wiring unless you are qualified for that. Only a qualified electrician can ensure safety and quality when installing switches, changing or renewing wires, or replacing your switch box. If you try to do this on your own, you might be endangering not only your safety but also that of your family, your neighbors, and even the whole apartment.

Remember to hire a registered and qualified electrical contractor before you begin renovating or moving to a new home. You can check your location’s professional registration for electricians to check whether the professional you intend to hire is licensed or not.

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