How to Effectively Organize Your Garage

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Getting Your Garage Organized

Most people will agree with you that the hardest place to keep organized in your home is the garage.  This is basically where almost every family member has at least one item thrown into a corner.  Whether it is your wife’s gardening tools or the children’s playing toys or even your own bikes and stuff, your garage can be quite a busy place.  You might also be using it as your workshop.  All these stuff in addition to the daily activities going on in the garage will make it quite a messy environment.  The cleaning part becomes difficult and the accumulating effect is an unbearable garage environment.  All this struggle can easily be done away with if you organize your garage well.

How to effectively organize your garage.  I moved in at the place I am staying now last week but one and I have just finished working on my own garage.  These are the tips you need on how to effectively organize your garage.


1.  Take everything out 

First of all, before anything, you need to take everything out of the garage.  This gives you a clear picture of the workable area or space you have and a number of items you have to store in the place.

2.  Sort out your items

Among the items you have, figure out which ones you need to keep, throw away or donate.  There is always that special item, for example, a cricket glove that you have some history with.  You would want to keep this for the memories.  There may also be some old paints that are hazardous so you need to dispose of them.  You simply need to sort out your stuff.

3.  Creating zones within the garage

After that, you need to come up with different zones of storing similar items.  Creating zones comes hand in hand with grouping items.  This makes it an easy task knowing where to find whatever it is that they are looking for.  Better still, for mud removal, you can designate a specific corner in order to maintain the garage clean.

4.  Labelling everything

This can be quite tiresome and time-consuming but it is worth it.  Find time to name and label every place in the garage including the drawers.  It will not only help to maintain your garage zones but also make it easy to access any equipment that might be needed.

5.  Using racks and shelves

It goes without saying, shelves and racks help to free space inside the garage as well as maintaining the tidiness.  A shelf can easily be built on the walls and used to store equipment such as cleaning detergents among others.  Racks are used with items such as bicycles or even tools.

6.  Exploiting the vertical and ceiling storage places

This is one of the best ways to free up space within the garage.  The idea is to get as much stuff as possible off the floor.  For the vertical storage, you can use pegboards and slat walls to hold rakes brooms and mops among other items.  For the ceiling, you can use racks as well as heavy duty hooks to hold items.

Other noticeable ideas would include using foldable worktables if at all the garage sometimes becomes your workshop.  You can also use some old gum containers to store nails.  Organizing your garage is all about keeping it neat as well as freeing up some extra space.  Effective tips for organizing your garage have already been given to you.  What are you waiting for? Go ahead and fix your garage today.

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