6 Affordable Tips to Update and Modernize Your Home

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Time To Spruce Up Your Home

You may have recently noticed that your home is very outdated.  Possibly you are stuck with a funky design from the eighties or nineties.  Some simply do not have the money (or so they think), while others are too lazy for doing updates themselves.  In whichever case, this article will give you 6 simple tips to update and modernize your home without breaking a bone — or your bank account.

Light It Up
That does not imply you burn down your house.  Old designs are characterized by insufficient lighting.  This was because the lighting was somehow an unaffordable luxury for reserved for a few.  The modern world has changed.  Lighting is one of the most affordable things you can use to modernize your home.  Use tall floor lamps to get every corner lit.  Use table lamps where necessary.  And, given that your home may actually be old rather than outdated, you may need to install new electric output points for lighting.  You do not want to die of electrocution, so your best bet is to hire an electrician.  That wouldn’t be too costly.  Afterward, watch out for the miracle lighting brings to any home: liveliness.  Suddenly, your house will feel freshly reborn.

Get New Handles
Many drawers, doors, gates and window handles or knobs of old homes are characteristically out of shape, lack fashion, discolored, and sometimes even malfunctioning.  How about ditching those greasy looking handles for cheap modern handles? This change alone can transform your home into a shining castle.

Curtains and Wallpapers
These two items, once old, look dirty by default.  You do not want someone confusing your home for a garage, do you? All you need is those new golden cost-effective curtains to brighten up your windows.  Get a patterned wallpaper (not the old granny stuff!) that completely covers the wall; easy to install and uninstall.  It is a transformation no home should afford to miss.

Do Some Painting
Of course, the wallpaper will transform the wall.  But you would always feel guilty that some faded paint lies between the wallpaper and the concrete :).  The painting will easily brighten up your home however old it looks.  The modern world has made painting quite a simple thing that gets done within minutes without having to evacuate like it used to be.  Hire someone to do this though, just to be sure you are not painting your lungs but the wall.

Scenery Outside
What happens when you get out of the house? Does it look like you just entered into another dimension, full of crooked flowers and wild grass? Shouldn’t there be a difference between a lawn and the forest floor? Mow your lawns, make the grass feel shaven; plant some flowers in a modern linear fashion; make a path with bricks.  Create some space outside and make it look as conducive as the inside.  Landscape your yard properly.

Space Things Up
It’s time to move your furniture to the other side of the room.  Certain positions will spare a lot more space than others for your furniture.  Transform the formal dining room into something else; who uses it anymore? You could use it as a library, home office or anything reasonable.  And, as your last resort, cheat yourself.  Place mirrors on opposite walls.  That could make your room appear a lot more spacious that it really is.

The appearance of any home is important.  People like modern looking homes, but they think modernizing one’s home means hiring bulldozers to tear down walls.  As you can see, there is a lot you can do without breaking an inch of concrete.  And all that comes at a pocket-friendly cost.

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